Thursday, March 31, 2016

Maybe I can be a Big Man on Mulberry Street.

247 Mulberry Street, located in Little Italy of yore,  now SOHO, was the location of a mafia hangout known as the Ravenite Social Club. It is not located North of Hester and South of Grand, it's located North of Spring Street just South of Prince.

The neighborhood was pretty immense running from Worth Street near Bowery where it bordered Chinatown all the way West and uptown to roughly 14th Street at Eight Avenue. You could say in those days that Greenwich Village was a predominantly Italian neighborhood contiguous to or a part of Little Italy. Now Little Italy is a remnant of Italian restaurants where Mexicans wait table and very few Italians are found in the apartments above the storefronts.

I can choose any twelve hour shift I want. All I have to do is get to the garage by 2:30 or 3:00 pm and wait to be assigned a taxi at around 5:00 pm. Then I work till 5:00 am. Don't get me wrong. I socialize, joke around with the other guys and blog/Facebook/Tweet at the garage. I always get a place to sit. So this is not a complaint. Also over the past year I always get a taxi to work with. And I like driving,  sometimes conversing, girl watching, stopping for a coffee or a nap. I even enjoy the challenges, like getting a heroin strung out night person trust fund kid out of the cab. But I am curious about panhandling. How much could I make?

I'm large so maybe I could stand outside 247 Mulberry Street singing "Big Man on Mulberry Street " and cage dollars from the passers-by? 

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