Friday, March 25, 2016

How Donald Trump sucker punched David Duke while the Jews of AIPAC cheered.

Donald Trump,  Grand Marshall,  leading the 2002 Salute to Israel parade.

Anyone with half a brain saw it coming. Trump had showed signs but old style Jew haters as well as a few naive partisans of the Palestinians were living in hope, and we know that the wish is the father of the thought. And the thought? That Donald Trump will champion the Palestinian cause and break the power of the Jewish Lobby mainly embodied in AIPAC, the American Israeli Political Action Committee. David Duke called on his following to go all out for Trump, which they did.

Donald Trump's daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism,  married an Orthodox Jew and is raising a Jewish child. There has been  no public fighting, disowning, criticizing between Grampa Trump and his daughter.

Trump is heavily into hotels and casinos. Real estate is political.  Can you imagine an open opponent of Israel, let alone an old fashioned Jew hater surviving in the world of New York City real estate? Las Vegas? Florida?

Donald Trump can and did crack a Jew Joke with the best of them and this no doubt impressed David Duke who masquerades as a reformed ex Klan Nazi but advocates White / European domination of the United States. He believes that current demographic trends endanger civilization and constitute "white genocide." Given that the majority of infants in the United States are not white, and many occupations have predominantly non white immigrant workforces very drastic, draconian and even violent means would be required to turn back the demographic clock. There is nothing moderate, reasonable, non-racist or democratic about this.  Duke sees Trump's campaign promises as salvation for White Power in the USA. 

Duke also has serious issues with "the Jews." Among other things he attributes the current demographic trend to a willful conspiratorial plan by "the Jews."

The fact that Trump offended a group of rich Jews who contribute big money to the Republican Party with a sly Jew Joke and told them he doesn’t want their money impressed Duke, who is considered a deep thinker by some. Of course, Trump's calls to deport 11,000,000 mainly non white immigrants whose labor is essential to the economy, to build a wall along 1000 plus miles of the United States/Mexican  border and force Mexico or Mexican immigrants to pay for it and to bar Muslims from entering the United States was music to the reformed Nazi's ears.

So white power volunteers, called upon by Duke, helped make Trump the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.  He turned around and thanked them by kissing AIPAC's ass and pledging loyalty to Israel on television. 

He's a slippery fellow, this baby faced David Duke. I think he's spent  too much time studying the Talmud. He plays on the general ignorance of both American history and of his own history.  He was out-foxed by Trump whose hesitation to renounce Duke's support allowed him to dominate the news for days.

Duke got his start as a swatika wearing supporter of United States  genocide in Vietnam. Below you'll see the iconic photo of young Duke dressed in nazi regalia carrying a sign calling for the execution by gas of Vietnam War opponents, political prisoners known as the Chicago 7 who were being tried for alleged multiple felony charges because they were outspoken opponents of the Vietnam genocidal war. 

Were Duke to have ever renounced this activity since his nazi chicken hawk days (an expression meaning a fit young man who though enthusiastic about having a war he manages to avoid military service) it might be unfair to bring this out into the public once again .

 Klansman Duke once urged his fellow  KKK activists
 to wear business suits and "get out of the cow pasture and into the hotel meeting room" which had nothing to do with renouncing racism.

Duke's website featured anti African American visuals as part of his "coverage" of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Duke cribbed this New York Daily News front page for his own website. African Americans were being demonized to cover the fact that they as well as whites, were victims of government refusal to build adequate dikes to protect the mostly but not exclusively African American low income Ninth Ward, which was below the level of the Mississippi River. The New York Daily News, by the way, was and is published by one Mortimer Zuckerman, an avid supporter of Israel.

From Duke's Hurricane Katrina report.

The "exJewish" clown car brings up the rear.

Gilad Atzmon is a London based Israeli Army veteran and a jazz musician of some repute. He believes that David Duke knows more about Jewish Identity than he, Atzmon does, and Atzmon is looked upon as an expert on the matter since publishing his book The Wandering Who? 
Duke is a firm believer that Jewishness is a genetic condition and not a religion or caste. This is one reason why Atzmon should be regarded as a Jew, in spite of his laughable denials. Atzmon campaigns against the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement. Look at that Yiddischer Punim ( Jewish face).

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