Friday, November 27, 2015

Venezuela Solidarity Activists Have (Finally) Taken Note Of The Suffering Of The Venezuelan People
Reality dawns on Venezuela solidarity folks. The Venezuelan people are sick of shortages, the return of hunger,  rampant crime and polyanna bullshit. Is it too late for Venezuela's Socialist Party ( PSUV ) to clean up its act? Is it even capable of doing so?

Here's the rub: When the right defeats the left they often exterminate the left.
Sure, so why not talk would have, could have, should have and maybe ought to?

So wait a minute, he's saying that enormous reponsibilities were given to people who have not the slightest technical training and abilities,  nor revolutionary credentials nor morals? YIKES!
So then, it's not just the Empire and its stateless creole oligarch puppets! ? How was anyone to know!?


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