Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dear Venezuela

I love you.  Please do not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Venezuela may be on the brink of making what I believe would be a tragic mistake.

Due to many factors including incompetent leadership, the collapse of the price of petroleum, that has been a goal of United States policy, corruption and impunity, Venezuelans have been suffering.

Shortages of basic staple foods,  medicines, medical equipment and necessities like toothpaste have been a problem in recent years and many Venezuelans are quite angry with their President Maduro although they honor the memory of the late leader Hugo Chavez.

May I humbly add my outsider viewpoint ?

The Bolivarian movement and political revolution has been about your country and Latin America asserting an independent role in world affairs. It's been about giving a voice that is heard and not ignored to the poor, the working class, the indigenous and the Afro-descended people. It's been about safe and decent places to live in, ending extreme poverty and illiteracy.

In some of these goals it's made great progress, in others it has not.

There are National Assembly elections coming soon - December 6. If Chavistas abstain, or worse, vote for the opposition, or for an "alternative " like Marea Socialista  they'll be making a big mistake.  The PSUV has made big mistakes but the MUD opposition has no good,  pro working people plans at all. They are hoping for Chavista voters to make some big mistakes in punishing President Maduro and allowing the opposition to take power to completely sell out Venezuela and its people.  Please if you must punish President Maduro and his government you're only going to punish yourself if your decide to deliver this punishment by giving the National Assembly to the opposition.


An old English expression: Don't cut off your nose just to spite your own face.

PS: Marea Socialista probably has valid points about a missing  stolen large amount of money, and they might be right that they were wrongfully expelled from the PSUV.  Helping the opposition take power probably will not help win redress and justice. Its a dangerous game, playing with fire. 

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