Sunday, August 9, 2015

Venezuela opposition protest flops

I'd have thought that if any news outlet would cheerlead an opposition protest in Venezuela and inflate its attendance it would have to be a Fox News affiliate. Yesterday was the day that the splintering Democratic Roundtable coalition of numerous opposition parties was to hold rallies in the capital city of Caracas and in state capitals across the country. It fizzled. A few dozen adherents showed up in Caracas and the rallies in the other cities apparently were too pitiful to mention.

Consider the real problems the population of Venezuela is facing -rampant crime, inflation so high that the national bank hasn't even published statistics in half a year, shortages of staples, personal hygiene products, medical equipment and medicines you'd suppose that a call for protest from established political parties would get a response in a nation of 27 million people.

On top of this oppoflop an opposition legislator Ricardo Sanchez and two well known opposition activists, Carlos Sanchez and Andres Avelino have broken with the opposition and signed up to be pro government candidates for the Assembly.In the election scheduled for December 6.

On top of this Copei, the once mighty half of a two party duopoly system that had prevailed in Venezuela for the forty years before Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela's politics upside down has been kicked out of the leading opposition coalition after one faction went to court to unseat another.

On the Red side, Marea Socialista, a former faction of the ruling Socialist Party, which says that it was expelled without due process, has been denied the right to run its own candidates because, according to the election officials, Marea Socialista isn't a proper name of a political party. Marea Socialista has been campaigning for a transparent people's audit to find out where $250,000,000,000 in oil money has vanished to and take legal action to claw it back.

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