Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Line jumping taxi 1K38 Alltaxi.com Cornell Medical Center 6:57 pm

I like to go to pick up passengers at Cornell Medical Center, which is located at the end of East 68th Street for a whole number of reasons. For one thing it's set up.in a way that lets me wait on an orderly line rather than me racing up and down the streets competing with people who are younger than me. Their reflexes and vision are sharper than mine are. So waiting on a line and getting the luck of the draw, the good fares or the not so good ones, makes sense for me. Also the management of Cornell is thoughtful enough that they allow us taxi drivers to use the good clean restroom facilities of the E.R. while we don't have to worry about getting a parking ticket.

Also I like the idea of serving patients, visitors and the doctors, nurses and workers. Each deserves to be treated with respect, possibly more so than any.random passengers.

So it really bothered me that this character pulled in front of me while I was stopped, waiting for the taxi that had just picked up passengers at the front of the line to pull out, and for the taxis ahead of me to move up a spot. I didn't like it but I'd never thought of making a big deal about it. BUT when two people got into his taxi and a couple of moments later emerged and started walking towards my taxi I got angry. Very angry. This dirtbag was refusing to take them where they wanted to go. Just what they needed as they left the hospital - a rude insult.

Also it was the second insult this slimeball delivered to me directly. Here he's telling me : "I cut you off so that I'd get a fare before you, but these people are not going to be a profitable transaction. So here, chump, they're yours."

Well, I am not any cabbie's back up driver.

I walked over to him. I told him I'm going to report him to the TLC. He flipped the bird, and told me to go fuck myself.


  1. Hoping I'll see him again down at Beaver Street.

  2. Interesting that the TLC complaint process on their website has no way for a driver to complain about either another driver or an owner/manager. I once tried to complain to the TLC about an illegal procedure my garage was forcing on the drivers and it was like talking to a wall, it was as if I had not been speaking English for over 65 years. I'll see how it works out.