Friday, December 11, 2015

Venezuela crisis - President Maduro could dissolve the National Assembly.

Under the current Venezuelan Constitution President Maduro can dissolve the National Assembly if it infringes on the interests of the country or the people. 

Looking at this chart published in the Venezuelan United Socialist Party newspaper Cuatrofdigital we can see that only a small amount of Chavistas actually switched sides in the December 6th legislative election.  The Chavista voters who did this or who abstained were expressing a protest against the way the United Socialist Party and government have been functioning (or dysfunctioning). They did not consciously decide that they favor neoliberalism and United States domination of their country. President Maduro would be within his rights and acting responsibly to take any action up to and including dissolving the National Assembly and calling the people into action to defend the revolutionarmy process. 

Two Venezuelan citizens were taken prisoner in Haiti on November 11th , brought in manacles  to New York City  and presented with charges of violating United States drug laws outside of the United States.  It seems to me that the hypocritical United States government could be aiming for a "Panama - Noriega scenario " against  Venezuela.  I've posted several times my belief that no Latin American person should suffer for the fake, phony, hypocritical and racist US Drug War. 

I imagine that the President of Venezuela might decide not to comply with any US demand for extradition of any Venezuelan  even if the National Assembly were to order compliance with such a demand. It could be seen as an act against the interests and sovereignty of the country were the Assembly to do something like that.

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  1. Those two citizens you are talking about are nephews of the first lady of Venezuela. Doesn't that speak by itself? She sent them. Plus, these individuals were going to the U.S and that's why they took them to New York; 800kg of cocaine was the detailed reason for the capture, if you're curious. So, whether you're going to post online stuffs like that, please do some research first or don't.

    What 'US fake, phony and hipocrital war' against Latin America are you talking about? Are you suggesting to let people in, even if they had 800 Kg of cocaine in their suitcases?

    No,no,no. The war is in people's heads. The system is supposed to be fair.

    Christian Cornielles