Monday, February 1, 2016

The Frankie Boy Report and New York taxi vs. Uber update

Friday Uber X cut its rates by fifteen percent in New York City and in other places. I didn't drive on Friday night but I did drive Saturday night and Sunday night, so I have an impression of the impact of Uber's move in its war to destroy the New York City yellow taxi: Meh....

Saturday night I made clear, after every expense, even breakfast was subtracted $263.00. For me that's pretty good, but not for Frankie Boy.

I must admit that Uberx's nominal fare cut might have impacted my Saturday night by causing surge pricing as all the no tipping cheapskate app tapping cretins were seeking a cheap ride together, simultaneously,  causing a shortage of Uberx goobers available for exploitation. The cheapskates, I suspect, were weeded out of the Uberx market and went to hailing yellow cabs. So I was ferrying no tipping bridge and tunnel yo yos into the depths Brooklyn, Queens, and eventhe Bronx.

Frankie Boy is a remarkable guy who drives out of the same garage that I do. His detailed, colorful and loud nightly recapitalizations with commentary of his taxi driving highlights entertain many of us as we stand in line in front of the cashier's window. He even does Q&A.

Frankie boy almost always makes more than I do. He's a couple of decades younger. Also, as I receive a small pension that includes medical insurance as well as a monthly Social Security check I don't have the devil riding my back every minute of my shift like Frankie Boy and most of the other drivers. I can take a.lousy night in stride.

Right now I am sitting in my taxi for the shift at Pennsylvania Station. Sunday night was.good, in my context. Hopefully a nice long ride into the Bronx will find me before five this morning. 

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